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Our service is designed around properly caring for your lawn while we minimize our environmental footprint.

To that end, we will always strive to use an organic, or naturally-derived, product for the intended application whenever possible. However, there are just some things we need to do that cannot be properly accomplished by an all-natural means. In that case, we will always opt for the safest, least-toxic, solution to achieve our ends. Additionally, we'll never use products on your property that bear a skull-and-crossbones warning (yuck!). In fact, most of the products that can be bought at major hardware stores are products we'd never use - even though a homeowner can get them quite easily.

The bottom line is, we not only care about your lawn, but we have a greater concern for the environment, you, your children, your pets, and those who'll come after.

In any case, we are more than happy to work with you, and will do our level best to treat you with every courtesy and respect - communicating with you as often as necessary, not trying to "sell" you anything you don't really need, and listening to your concerns.

We are after the same results you are - a beautiful lawn without the poisons!


We are quite pleased to offer the following main services. We may have other services not listed here, so please do feel free to ask us if there is a concern you have but is not addressed here.

Of course our estimates are free!


For any lawn care, or landscaping, company, fertilization forms the backbone of the service. It is, therefore, quite necessary to perform that service properly. Properly trained technicians, materials, and equipment are all key components in that process.

In our case, our technicians are properly trained and certified (as required by Maryland law), our equipment is professional grade, and we use organic or naturally-derived fertilizers suited for the season and major grasses in your yard.


Weeds - simply put, plants growing where we don't want them to grow. Any plant can be a weed, even grass!

We practice industry-accepted Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols - spot treating growing weeds, and applying minimal/minimal-environmental-impact control materials for those weeds we cannot see but expect. Some weeds we may not elect to treat as they are temporary, and others we may not be able to treat without severely impacting our environment.

Did you know that some "weeds" are actually very useful? We encourage you to research common weeds and see what may be done with them outside of your lawn.

Of course, you do not have to take weed control - we're quite happy to not treat them.

And if you have any neighbors that are sensitive to control materials - we respect them as well and will not treat properties where such an issue would exist without proper notification.


Aeration is the mechanical, or chemical, process of "opening" the ground so the surface layer (usually the top 3-12 inches) is loosened thus enabling plants to more easily intake water and nutrients as well as spread their roots and grow. Think of this process like putting a looser shirt on instead of a too-tight version - ah, to be able to breathe!

Typically we use core-aeration machines to perform this process. We absolutely do not recommend any of the spike/nail aeration mechanisms as those result in further compaction - thus being counter productive. Core aerators pull a "plug" out of the soil and leave it on top of the turf (or dirt) to break down and re-join the soil substrate - giving the soil layer room to expand. The spike aerators simply push the soil aside, leaving a hole where the spike entered the soil. That action compacts the area around the spike, which then expands back to fill the hole left by the spike - the soil was not really moved at all.

We do recommend aeration be done once a year, especially in our area given our prevalent clay soils which readily compact.


Following aeration, applying new seed is always a good idea. The new seed will replace grass plants that have died (yes, grass plants do eventually die from age), help to fill in thinner spots, and introduce new strains that are more insect-resistant and hardier.

We always use premium 100% Certified Weed Free and endophyte enhanced (makes the grass unappetizing to insects) seed. No cheap contractor-grade seed here!


Due to State of Maryland regulations, we can no longer offer top dressing services. We feel the regulations are poor examples of responsible agronomic policy and look forward to the day they are properly revised. Please feel free to contact your representative(s) to have this issue addressed.


LAWN PESTS. Every landscape has bugs - both beneficial and not. Our goal is to minimize the non-beneficial insects in your lawn. We will use natural products where we can (such as Milky Spore for Japanese beetle grubs), and spot treat for other insects if they are an issue. Thankfully, most lawns have very few insect problems.

TICKS/FLEAS. If you have pets, and/or are near woods, these are definitely a concern - ticks being a top priority. Ticks and fleas carry many diseases, and ticks are one of the worst pests in our area considering the prevalence of Lyme Disease. We do have a service package designed to curb these pests throughout the warm season.

MOSQUITOS. Another pesky bug that carries diseases, mosquitos keep us from enjoying our warm season as much as we'd like - especially after the sun starts dropping to and below the horizon. The garlic-based products we use help keep the pests away from your homes & playsets, and is applied on a regular basis.


Nature's aerators - they're tunnels typically leave track mounds in our yards, posing trip hazards when we don't know they are there. While not necessarily harmful, if grass roots get exposed to the air by the tunnels, the grass can die off. You can tramp down the tunnels as you walk around your yard. If, however, the moles are prevalent enough, that's when our service is needed.

First, did you know moles are not there to eat your grubs? Whoever started that myth was simply interested in the money that could be made by offering unnecessary grub-control services. The truth is, earthworms are a mole's primary food source - anything else is, well, just desert.


In much the same manner as your lawn, we'll care for your small trees and shrubs. Applications are made on an as-needed basis.


Ticks are currently one of the worst outdoor pests - yes, even worse than mosquitos. The main disease they carry, Lyme, if not caught in adequate time can cause any number of problems for humans, and pets, and may not be curable in all cases. We use a cedar-oil based product that kills existing ticks on contact and acts as a repellent for 4-6 weeks. The same repellent is also effective on mosquitos, spiders, fleas, and similar pests.


Swarms of mosquitos at your barbecue? We use a garlic-based product to repel those pesky bugs - applying it around your home and any playset(s) you may have in your yard. The application lasts around 3-4 weeks.


These cute, but always hungry, animals wreak havoc on beautiful, but expensive, landscapes. Our program, with applications made as little as once-per-season up to every 10-14 days, starts at $89 and uses an all-natural, environmentally-friendly, and harmless, material to effectively keep deer from eating your gorgeous plants.


We have several service packages available for your lawn's care. We have taken some of the above services and bundled them together for a single price, and spread the cost of all those services over each fertilization application.


This service package is our basic program. Weed control is automatically included - just let us know if you do not want it and we'll be happy to make sure no control materials for weeds are applied. Otherwise, the program consists, currently, of six (6) fertilizations and one (1) lime application. The applications are spaced approximately 30-45 days apart, depending upon weather and schedule — we are a weather-dependent service.

Lime is important - it is needed to counteract the acidic activity of the fertilization so we apply what we believe is the proper amount of remedial lime.

Soil testing - a soil test in Maryland is only mandatory if phosphorous is being applied. As we do not apply phosphorous, we are not mandated to capture a soil test. However, if you wish to have one done (in the case where you might suspect your soil has gone acidic), we'll be happy to take a sample and have the test done for you - sharing the results. Soil testing is a helpful activity, and is only needed infrequently or when necessary.


This service package is the Regular package plus the Aeration service.


This service package is the Silver program coupled with the Seeding service.

6 fertilizations/1 lime
Weed Control
(or none!)

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